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Nervous Dog Day, March 20th. Margo and Agnes’s story.

Dogsinyellow day

by | Mar 20, 2024

Meet Margo and Agnes, two precious souls who found their way into our hearts as rescue hounds. Classified as Beauceron mixes, they were discovered along with other puppies, abandoned in a box by the roadside. After this challenging start, Margo and Agnes were nurtured back to health by a dedicated puppy fosterer for eight weeks before we welcomed them into our home. Alongside another puppy named Edith, they were named after the endearing orphaned girls from the movie “Despicable Me.” Sadly, Edith’s health struggles meant she had to find a different path.

Despite being loved members of our family, Margo and Agnes still carry remnants of their difficult puppyhood. Margo’s tail bears the physical reminder of an injury, she’s never been able to wag it, instead a good flap is all that she can manage. Agnes, possibly nursing a past back injury, sits with a noticeable awkwardness, yet they both radiate joy and are devoted to our family, fiercely protective of the pack.

This protectiveness creates a constant challenge in our lives: they are nervous around other dogs. Walking them becomes a delicate balance, always on lead and harness, we navigate their anxiety in the presence of other canines. Despite our best efforts to ensure their safety and good behaviour, encounters with off-lead dogs can quickly escalate into distress for Margo and Agnes. Their protective instincts kick in, and the situation can turn tense.

This is where the significance of their yellow attire comes into play. Their yellow collar isn’t a fashion choice; it’s a silent plea for understanding and respect from fellow dog owners. If only everyone recognized the yellow as a signal to keep their dogs on a lead and maintain a respectful distance, our walks could be more relaxed, and the anxiety that plagues Margo and Agnes would ease.

Raising awareness about the significance of dogs wearing yellow could foster a more inclusive and understanding community among dog owners. It’s not about restricting the freedom of other dogs but rather about creating a safer environment for all, where every furry friend, regardless of their past, can enjoy the simple pleasure of a peaceful stroll. By acknowledging the yellow, we can make a world of difference for dogs like Margo and Agnes, allowing them to walk with confidence and comfort alongside their loving family.

March 20th, dogsinyellow day, or Nervous Dog Day, is an excellent opportunity for us to share our experiences and educate and inform everyone who uses public spaces. Thank you for sharing.

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