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About Vet’s Klinic

Vet’s Klinic was established in August 2012 as part of Pets Kitchen Ltd based in Swindon.

Based on reviews

Based on reviews

Proud to be independent

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, Vet’s Klinic is now the largest single-site first opinion practice in Swindon, with a team of over 30 veterinary professionals.

Vet’s Klinic roll-out

Vet‘s Klinic New World of Pet Care is
now being rolled out and we are
bringing this innovative pet care
experience to Reading from February 2023
with more practices to follow.

Pets’ Kitchen

Pets’ Kitchen was established in 2007 as a supplier of super-premium pet food under the Vet’s Kitchen brand and opened our first Vet’s Klinic practice in 2012. In May 2024, the Vet’s Kitchen brand was divested to allow us to focus on our veterinary services business, but we continue to work in close collaboration with the Vet’s Kitchen brand.

First Klass Healthcare Plan

Spread the cost and save up to 20%.

Join our First Klass Healthcare Plan and you can make big savings on preventative treatments such as worming tablets, flea control and vaccinations.

We’ll even post your pet’s medication direct to your door.

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Based on reviews

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